About Us

Odyssey Collection


Hello I'm Josie, the CEO of Odyssey Collection.

I started Odyssey Collection because my 9 year old daughter suffered  from alopecia. Therefore, I had to look for  better and safer alternative for her hair as oppose to using products with harsh chemicals. After doing a lot of research and experiment, the results were amazing. Odyssey Collection was born.

Odyssey, is a US based company that provides organic hair products out of plant-derived ingredients. Our products are safer, more effective, and free of harsh chemicals. Our products are free of sulfates, parabens, PEGs, dyes, artificial fragrance, mineral oils and animal cruelty. We use the best ingredients that nature has to offer in every bottles. Such as:

. Aloe vera,

. 100% Pure Essential oils in every bottle.

. Highly concentrated formula for optimum result

. Plant based ingredients

Our Handmade and unique formula is a perfect balance of moisture and protein which results in hair growth and thickness. We guarantee soft manageable hair after one use. 

We are committed to protect our environment and we are passionate about helping you achieve great results with Odyssey Collection.

Let us help you grow Stronger,Longer,Healthier Hair.

Odyssey Collection, a better and safer choice for your Hair!




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